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          Release: 08/27/2010
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The final votes have been tallied, and the results are in! The Sound Tigers All-Time Fantasy Team has been selected by you the fans. In addition to your selections, Sound Tigers Head Coach Jack Capuano, as well as assistant coaches Pat Bingham and Matt Bertani, have also made their selections on who have been the best in Bridgeport over the last 10 years.

The team will be revealed in installments this week, starting today with the top forwards. Each coach will give their choices and why they thought those players deserved to make the cut, followed by the fans' votes.

Assistant Coach Matt Bertani  


Forwards: Jeff Hamilton - Trent Hunter - Jeff Tambellini   

“You look back at Jeff Hamilton and his numbers speak for themselves. He’s the all-time leading goal scorer in Sound Tigers history (89), and he nearly averaged a point per game during his three seasons (155 points in 173 games). Trent Hunter was the main offensive player for this team when they made their run to the Calder Cup Finals in the team’s first season. He’s been a solid NHL player for years now, hard not to put him on this team. And I'd have to pick Jeff Tambellini for the same reason as Hamilton. Tamby's a guy who spent a decent amount of time here, and his point numbers are just so high, averaging more than a point per game (138 points in 113 games)."

Assistant Coach Pat Bingham

Forwards: Blake Comeau - Frans Nielsen - Tim Jackman

“Blake Comeau is a player that has really put it all together. When you think of him, he’s a solid power forward and was a real presence on the ice for us…the whole package. Frans Nielsen is different from Blake in that he’s more of a playmaker. He’s truly a high-end skill player, incredibly intelligent on the ice, and was a solid offensive player during his years here. Tim Jackman has that rare combination of size and skill, extremely tough player to play against. His character and leadership were very valuable during his time with the Sound Tigers, and he was just tough as nails.”                                                          

Head Coach Jack Capuano

Forwards: Jeff Hamilton - Trent Hunter - Jeff Tambellini

"Jeff Hamilton's numbers speak for themselves. He’s one of the few guys that I’ve seen who shoots the puck as hard as he does and as quickly as he does. When you have a release like that and the accuracy like that, goalies will tell you it's hard to pick that puck up. There’s a reason he scored so many goals, especially on the power play. He was a forward who was actually used on the point because of his shot."

"You look at Trent Hunter's games played and the big numbers he put up, and he’s also heart and soul guy. Very seldom do you find a guy who plays with such grit and desperation in his game, but is also able to put up great numbers. He lead the Islanders forwards in hits last season, so it shows that he plays a physical style but can still score."

"Jeff Tambellini is a guy with a tremendous stride and tremendous hands. Great quickness, he probably had one of the best releases we’ve seen in Bridgeport. He scored 38 goals in 57 games with us in the 2007-08 season, and was beat out for the league title by Jason Krog in Chicago who scored an empty net goal in their last game of the season. He’s got a knack for the net and scored a lot of goals. Hard worker, and always came into camp as one of the best conditioned players on the team."

The Fan Vote

Forwards: Jeff Hamilton - Trent Hunter - Jeff Tambellini

Hamilton, Hunter, and Tambellini overwhemingly garnered the most votes of Sound Tigers forwards. Jeff Hamilton played in 173 games with the Sound Tigers, and ranks 2nd all-time in points scored (155) and is the Sound Tigers All-Time leading goal scorer (89). Trent Hunter had an immediate impact with the Sound Tigers in the 01-02 season, and led the team in nearly every offensive category that season. He also is the Sound Tigers all-time leader in playoff goals, assists, and total points (15/15/30). Jeff Tambellini holds the all-time record for most points in a season (76 in 2007-08), a season in which he only played 57 games. He also averaged more than a point per game during his time with the Sound Tigers (138 points in 113 games).

Those are the top three forwards in Sound Tigers history, as voted by the fans. Honorable mentions go to Jason Krog and Raffi Torres who finished fourth and fifth in the fan voting. We will reveal the top two defensemen, best goalie, and best fighter as well this week - stay tuned!

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