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          Release: 12/13/2012
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Courtesy: Bill Tenca
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Brett Gallant was a guest on the Power Play Post Show with Bob Howard last week as part of the show's AHL Enforcers Edition. Listen in as Gallant discusses growing up and learning to play hockey on Prince Edward Island, working his way up through the ECHL and cementing a spot with the Sound Tigers over the past couple of seasons. Here's a portion of the transcript of Gallant's interview:

Bob Howard: Was there a time when you were younger where a coach or someone said, "This kid's really got some skill, we need to develop him"?

Brett Gallant: Actually it wasnt really about until I got to junior hockey. I played midget hockey and then played Junior A hockey with my hometown team and I was about 16 years old at the time. I was being recruited by some major junior teams and I ended up going to the Saint John Sea Dogs. I had a coach by the name of Jacques Beaulieu, and he was real good with me and he told me I could make something out of myself if I just worked at it.

BH: Was there someone that you played with or a coach like him that was your big influence?

BG: My major influences were definitely my parents. They drove me to all of the hockey rinks, all of the hockey camps on P.E.I, Allan Andrews Hockey Camps in the summer. They still follow me this day and watch all of my games online. I have two brothers that play still and they're busy with that, so I definitely think my mother and my father are my biggest influences...without family, I don't know if hockey would ever really work.

Watch the video below to listen to the full interview:

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